Not Recommended -Routine Thyroid Testing for DysFunction in Asymptomatic OR for non pregnant women

dnaCurrently available evidence is insufficient to recommend for or against screening for thyroid dysfunction in asymptomatic adults and women who are not pregnant, according to newly updated recommendations.

The researchers and UPSTF, acknowledged that thyroid screening can identify patients who have subclinical thyroid dysfunction or undiagnosed overt thyroid disease but said more evidence is needed to understand the effects of treatment for these problems. Read more for complete description and understanding Thyroid Dysfunction..FACTS

Yoga asanas to keep cancer at bay

Yoga asanas to keep cancer at bayYoga took birth thousands of years ago in India but eventually lost its charm and recognition in the ultra modern world that we live in today. 
While there were period during which science of yoga could not get its due recognition, but the turnaround, though slow, is happening. In fact, for many years, the emergence of yoga as a true way of life was visible more sharply in west than in India.
Yog means union, and it is a formula that the sages and seers during ancient time gave us for the goodness of humanity. The research and development giants, who work on treatment of various illnesses like cancer, often question how yoga can cure or help in curing cancer.

plant-based and animal-free diets

15 Vegan Celebrities Who’ve Given Up Animal Products For A Healthier Lifestyle

Many celebrities have adopted the diet for personal, health, or environmental reasons, and are speaking up for this lifestyle. Take a look at some of veganism’s most prominent supporters below.

Negative Guilt Syndrome- Good lieterary sense / condition syndrome if referred to as one!

daily writingThis Daily writing tip today talks of a Syndrome that is ” Negative Guilt Syndrome”, explained as “A reader expresses second thoughts about a sentence he/she wrote. use of a double negative to convey a positive is an unusual construction and remembered the dire warnings received in my youth to, “never use a double negative.”

The negative “cannot fail to” is a softer way of saying, “you must” or “you have to.” A common reaction of English speakers to being told that we must do something is “Oh yeah? Who’s going to make me?” Using the phrase “cannot fail to” instead of “you must” is a way to avoid provoking a hostile reaction in the reader.

A “double negative” results from the presence of more than one negative modifier in the same clause. For example, “I can’t get no satisfaction” is a double negative because it contains not and no.

Balance Exercise- Amongst Fitness types_ American Heart Association

fitness typesBalance exercise is one of the four types of exercise along with strength, endurance and flexibility. Ideally, all four types of exercise would be included in a healthy workout routine and AHA provides easy-to-follow guidelines for endurance and strength-training in its Recommendations for Physical Activity in Adults.

How to spot bias and other potential problems in randomised controlled trials

ovarianRisk of ovarian cancer ‘extremely small’ during Hormone Replacement Therapy, according to experts | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis.

The above study and recent news was on account of a study that was a randomised controlled trial. Read for complete news and act with sanity and alert mind, always.

Storing medicines in plastic bottles can cause cancer, birth defects Read more at:

Plastic bottles used to store medicine may lead to long term health risks, especially to women and children.Plastic bottles used to store medicine may lead to long term health risks, especially to women and children.Doctors have found proof that Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottles used for storing medicines pose health hazard to people, especially women.

A group of doctors has reached out to the Union Health Ministry demanding a ban on storing medicines in these containers.

What should your lab know about direct-to-consumer genetic testing? What role should labs play in whole-genome sequencing performed for health screening?

The PGS test and the FDA’s subsequent order of 23andMe to cease marketing the test to consumers has stirred controversy, and brought focus to an issue labs may have to face sooner rather than later: What role should labs play in whole-genome sequencing performed for health screening?

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