FSA Warns that Crunchy toast could give you cancer AND also 80 times higher than the levels contained in the palest batch of roast potatoes cooked.

Roastpotatoesmain_2428476bThe chemical, which is a proven carcinogen, is formed from a reaction between amino acids and the sugars and water found in potatoes and bread when they are subjected to temperatures above 120C.

What is the USDA recommended daily or weekly caloric intake of different food groups??

DietDiets – can , not alone help you lose excess weight and to find a way of eating that you can enjoy for a lifetime. A Carefully planned Diet aims to teach you how to choose healthy foods and portions and to develop healthy lifestyle habits so that you can maintain a healthy weight for life. Making healthy changes in diet and exercise can reduce your risk of weight-related health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and sleep apnea and also cut your cancer risk. Check this table for detailed calorie level and food types..

Cooking with vegetable oils releases toxic cancer-causing chemicals, say experts

oilsCooking with vegetable oils releases toxic chemicals linked to cancer and other diseases, according to leading scientists, who are now recommending food be fried in olive oil, coconut oil, butter or even lard. Scientists warn against the dangers of frying food in sunflower oil and corn oil over claims they release toxic chemicals linked to cancer.

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Food values, Glycemic Load, Glycemic Index, carbohydrates, Sugars, Heart Disease Diabetics

Food valuesCarbohydrates, cholesterol, diet – implications of health and conditions. What is the scientific take of these on health and conditions such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer and diet??


Harold Fredrick Shipman was a British doctor and one of the most prolific serial killers in recorded history by proven murders with 250+ murders being positively ascribed to him and he was convicted of 15 murders. He would inject diamorphine into his patients and then falsify the medical records, reporting that his patient had been in poor health. Shipman is known as Doctor Death.

Vitamin C and all about cancer- This video is what we implement and have gained hundreds of patients to recover to great extent or remain cancer free for a very long time.

Please consult your doctor before you take any self medication step. All the best.

Global Warming and Cancer- Skin Care and apps that could be handy and make you beautiful skin ready

Global WarmingMany multicounty, multi-country “Pew” surveys have sparked off for over a decade regarding Global Warming. Cancer remains the largest and the costliest killer of all times for the Govts. across the globe and many who fear cancer as a death sentence. Learn what the experts have to say on the environment issues as, leading causes of Cancer.

Global health experts are to give guidance later on the possible health risks of red and processed meats.

Red meat cancer risk to be revealed by WHO

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Many doctors discouraging HPV vaccination, study finds

Many doctors discouraging HPV vaccination, study finds

Vaccination against human papillomavirus is deemed crucial for protection against certain cancers, but some parents choose not to get their child vaccinated against the virus. Now, a new study suggests the decision to avoid vaccination may largely be down to discouragement from doctors.
[HPV vaccine]
The researchers found that 27% of doctors surveyed said they do not strongly endorse HPV vaccination.
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