Omega-3 supplementation may lower cardiac death risk


Can I lower my cholesterol by changing my diet? — Find out if you can do so.  Need to alter food style between red meat, butter, fried foods, cheese, and other foods that have a lot of saturated fat.

How does Tayo 60k (Cholecalciferol 60,000 IU) work? The doctor prescribed it for my mother once a month. Where does it get stored in the body for the whole month?


Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin. Very few foods naturally contain vitamin D.

Complete list of commonly used herbs and supplements


Herbal treatments are widely used by patients in the United States and elsewhere. They have the potential for both benefit and harm. 

Dietary Supplements

dietary supplementsFor brevity ,this post may, essentially,  exclude vitamins and Minerals. The worldwide market for these products in over 50 Billion US$.  American, European, South American, Asian, and African civilizations have all, sometime or the other, made use of botanicals or say plants and their extracts for healing purposes.

What are they and what are essential guidelines and expert comments on this?- A Review

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