Brain Gain-Exercise Does Regenerate or Create!

brainexerciseA new study by Harvard Medical School researchers based at Massachusetts General Hospital finds that inducing the production of new neurons in the brain structure in which memories are encoded can improve cognitive function in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease.

Their investigation shows that those beneficial effects on cognition can be blocked by the hostile inflammatory environment present in the brain of patients with Alzheimer’s disease and that physical exercise can “clean up” the environment, allowing new nerve cells to survive and thrive and improving cognition in the Alzheimer’s mice.

Fried fish consumption was not related to mortality in men, whereas it was associated with increased risks of cardiovascular disease, and respiratory disease in women.


Exercise linked to cancer- Lactate A Friend or Foe?

Lactic AcidLactate is a byproduct of the chemical process known as glycolysis – the breaking down of sugar, or glucose, into smaller molecules with the purpose of producing energy. During intense physical activity, lactate accumulates in the tissue and blood, which can sometimes lead to poorer physical performance and muscle stiffness. 

Cancer is “kicking in” on this moleskin turf!

Hundreds of footballers diagnosed with cancer ‘from field’

More than 50 Washington state soccer players have developed cancer, allegedly stemming from chemicals in the rubber field. Hundreds more around the world claim the same.

Source: Hundreds of footballers diagnosed with cancer ‘from field’ | Daily Mail Online

Active Lifestyle Counters Aging, Study Shows

Women who maintain an active lifestyle as they get older may age more slowly than those who are more sedentary. Keeping up with your fitness routine could keep you younger! The science behind the discovery lies in our DNA. Throughout the course of our lives, our cells constantly replicate themselves. After each copy,  tiny caps — called telomeres — at the end of our DNA strands shorten, exposing our chromosomes to decay. Shorter telomeres have been linked to heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Source: Active Lifestyle Counters Aging, Study Shows

Physiology (nature, origin and study) of exercise.

quotesgramProtein is rarely used as an energy source, except during periods of starvation. Coordination between interaction and ventilation, cardiac output, and blood flow in circulation and respiratory mechanism of the body, metabolic (energy) demands of contracting muscles and skeletal muscle metabolism.

Image Courtesy (Qutesgram)

Here are some forms of complementary and alternative medicine to relieve Anxiety almost instantly

floccinaucinihilipilificationComplementary medicine includes strategies that are not routinely used in Western medicine, although some doctors are favorable towards these methods.

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