Its a true-avoid fats, not carbs, if you want to lose weight

fatsTelegraph has recently reported outcome of this revolutionary study that links weight loss to FATS and not actually CARBS. Read (as is) to a healthier weight loss regime.

It usually starts with the Stomach- All about disorders of the Metabolism

metabolismRevisiting old text books from medicine refreshes my memories about Metabolism. It is essentially  the process by which our bodies make energy from the food we eat. All foods top state Junk, Organic and quickies have constituents that we read and thrive to control. These are proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Stomach Enzymes , Chemicals in our digestive system break the food parts down into its smaller parts such as sugar and acids. These are actually the engine runners or the fuel. This energy is stored in tissues, such as your liver, muscles, and body fat.

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