There are pitfalls and traps you learn to avoid with experience, and the people gathered here are leaning on each other as they move toward their own out-of-the-box moments.


“I’m a much better decision-maker, I’m a much better strategist, I’m a much better leader when I’m not wrapped up in the minutia of what’s going on in the company and what’s going on in the world”


Happy older people live longer New study among senior Singaporeans suggests happiness may be key to longevity

180827100426_1_540x360In a new study, researchers have found that increase in happiness is directly proportional with a reduction in mortality. The study, which focused on Singaporeans aged 60 years and older, found that even small increments in happiness may be beneficial, suggesting individual activities as well as government policies and programs that maintain or improve psychological well-being may contribute to longer life.

Laughter is Medicine?-YES AND NO

laughterI love people who make me laugh, when i do not even want to smile!

Laughter is the best medicine. I do not dispute it. However when i see many seniors in a park front of my house each day, laughing their heart out, i am however a bit concerned. Reasons are few and simple.

There is only one way to live- it is to live daringly, dangerously and courageously.

daringLately some Ted talk discussions, led me to quickly download a book, “ Daring Greatly” by B Brown. No doubt this is a great book that actually helps understand not alone, how we behave, but also how we think and analyse situations around us. But there is More…..

Quantum Of Contentment, Happiness & Bliss | Deepak M Ranade Article on Speakingtree

Quantum Of Contentment, Happiness & Bliss | Deepak M Ranade Article on

Is contentment merely a virtue? Is it a neuro-hormonal complex that is part of one’s personality?

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