Simple Reason to believe this is that – ITS A TRUE!!

100 Million Additional People Descended into Poverty Because of the Impact of Lockdowns

  • Many of those 100 million people starved.
  • Children were forced to work instead of going to school.
  • Girls were sold into sexual slavery because their families couldn’t feed them.
  • Children will end up poorer and live shorter lives because of interruption to schooling.

Over 1,000 Peer-Reviewed Papers in the Medical Literature Describe Vaccine Injuries & Deaths”That is a tsunami of terrible reports on vaccines!” exclaimed Dr. McCullough @P_McCulloughMD.”These are real patients suffering real diseases that doctors are [examining] these patients and reporting the findings and doing autopsies and reporting the deaths.”

📺☀️ Video of two BBC weather forecasts 19 years apart

1️⃣ 2003 it was warmer than planned this weekend and most of the map yellow /orange.

2️⃣ 2022 nearly the whole map in red.

They didn’t seem to alarm the country back in the day as much when we hit some warmer days. 🤦‍♂️

Researchers say their study calls into question colonoscopy’s utility as a cancer screening tool.

A 10-year clinical research indicated that colonoscopies cut the incidence of colon cancer by just 20% and had no effect on mortality rates. The findings raise doubts about the widespread implementation of the technique as a screening tool.

From the first soothing lullabies babies hear to the funereal dirges that accompany the deceased, music is a fixture of the human experience. (Scientific American)


Participants who reported a stronger sense of life purpose were more likely to agree with the health messages and to have less activity in brain regions associated with conflictprocessing.


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