Astrologers connecting Yoga with star gaze- lining up with evidence based medicine

They state those who will get involved with the activities of Yoga whether they are individuals or institutions or State or Country, all will be even benefited  financially, which will in turn give sound health to all,  after all  “Health is Wealth”.

International Yoga Day – Will the trend catch up?.

Heart Freindly Recipe #1 – From The American Heart Association

One simple diet change may be all you need to lose weight-increasing dietary fiber (that does not mean taking daily fiber supplements).

VegetablesThere’s good news for people who are trying to drop a few pounds but struggle with complicated diet plans and feeling deprived over long lists of what NOT to eat. A new study suggests a simpler approach may work just as well: Eat more of certain foods and don’t worry so much about calorie counting.Barry Gutierrez / AP

The new researcher, published Monday in the Annals of Internal Medicine, tracked 240 obese adults with metabolic syndrome, designing a program that divided then into two diet groups:

  • the standard American Heart Association (AHA) diet
  • a high-fiber diet

Long Sleep Duration May Signal Increased Stroke Risk

long sleepA new study has shown a J-shaped relationship between sleep duration and future stroke risk, with a particularly strong signal associated with long sleep duration.

Investigators at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom found that short sleep was associated with an 18% increased stroke risk (not statistically significant), and long sleep was associated with a 46% increase in stroke risk after adjustment for conventional cardiovascular disease risk factors and comorbidities.

Understanding cancer terms

Oncology is the study of tumors, both benign (noncancerous) and malignant (cancerous). An oncologist is a specialist in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of tumors or cancers.

“The signs and symptoms of cancer are manifestations of how cancer cells replace the functions of healthy tissue. Some examples include anorexia (lack of appetite), bruising, leukocytosis (slight increase of white blood cells), fatigue, cachexia (wasting), and thrombocytopenia (deficiency of clotting cells).”

7 Tips for a Successful First Visit to Your Oncologist – Cancer Network

visit-oncologist-1You certainly have every right to keep your thoughts to yourself; however, what you withhold from your oncologist may interfere with reaching your goal of being cancer-free. If you are unhappy with us or our staff, please speak out. We would not be in this field if we did not want to improve our skills. If you feel dissatisfied with the consultation, share your frustrations with us. Remember—you are the most important person in the room. You are the one who deserves our respect and needs our encouragement. Your future, with you in it alive and well, is our mission. It would be deplorable if mistrust, confusion, or anger festered to the point of hampering your remission or even your peace of mind. In order for success to occur, you and your oncologist must journey together in a partnership of complete honesty. Speak now, tomorrow, and always your mind.

This is what UK looks like- are other any better or worse??More Than 50% of Antipsychotics Prescribed Off Label

More Than 50% of Antipsychotics Prescribed Off Label

Liam Davenport December 30, 2014

More than half of the prescriptions for antipsychotics in the United Kingdom are prescribed to individuals with no diagnosis of a serious mental illness (SMI), a major study of primary care records has revealed.

Investigators at University College London also found that off-label antipsychotic prescribing is more likely to occur in women, older people, and socially and economically disadvantaged individuals.

“In this study of antipsychotic prescribing in a large primary care database representative of the UK, approximately half of the prescriptions for first-generation and second-generation antipsychotics are issued to people who have no record of SMI…in their clinical notes,” the researchers, led by Louise Marston, PhD, write.

“Furthermore, they are more likely to be prescribed to older people, who may be more sensitive to adverse effects such as movement disorders and cardiometabolic risk,” they add.

Weltanschauung- a German word- meaning image of the universe and humanity’s relation to it. Try and you can relate this to health.

This is what it is made from , in 1868, from German Weltanschauungfrom welt “world” + anschauung “perception”. Once i googled this word and health i could see a company by the name perception health existing and helping me connect the word with health almost instantly. 

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