This is what UK looks like- are other any better or worse??More Than 50% of Antipsychotics Prescribed Off Label

More Than 50% of Antipsychotics Prescribed Off Label

Liam Davenport December 30, 2014

More than half of the prescriptions for antipsychotics in the United Kingdom are prescribed to individuals with no diagnosis of a serious mental illness (SMI), a major study of primary care records has revealed.

Investigators at University College London also found that off-label antipsychotic prescribing is more likely to occur in women, older people, and socially and economically disadvantaged individuals.

“In this study of antipsychotic prescribing in a large primary care database representative of the UK, approximately half of the prescriptions for first-generation and second-generation antipsychotics are issued to people who have no record of SMI…in their clinical notes,” the researchers, led by Louise Marston, PhD, write.

“Furthermore, they are more likely to be prescribed to older people, who may be more sensitive to adverse effects such as movement disorders and cardiometabolic risk,” they add.

Sugar, Not Salt, May Be at Fault for Hypertension

Experts from an article by Lara C. Pullen, PhD December 11, 2014

A reduction in the consumption of added sugars and, in particular, processed foods may translate into decreased rates of hypertension as well as decreased cardiometabolic disease. In particular, a new review article suggests that sugar, not salt, appears to contribute to the majority of the hypertension risk associated with processed food.

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