Lean and simple – how to make your day more productive in just 10 minutes

UnknownThoughtful planning and prioritisation is the best way to play defence against the many tasks vying for your focus. Building in the opportunity for reflection, while difficult, is an instant productivity booster, allowing you to get more done in less time with greater impact.

What is the most shocking truth about the disease ‘cancer’ that everybody should know especially the younger generation?

spinabifida-walk-21This makes a job easy and also difficult. Easy as most of the things people know about what causes cancer and difficult for the reason that no-one likes to her truth.

Can Oxy-Powder capsules cure the problem of your hands shaking?


Oxypowder is a scam. Check this link


This morning, I received an email from a supplement company trying to get me to give them free exposure:

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