Sea Salt vs Table Salt

What is the difference between sea salt and table salt?SeaSaltTableSalt-250x250

Sea salt has boomed in popularity in restaurants and supermarket aisles. Many gourmet chefs say they prefer it over table salt for its coarse, crunchy texture and stronger flavor. Manufacturers are using it in potato chips and other snacks because it’s “all natural,” and less processed than table salt. And some health-conscious consumers choose it because it contains minerals like magnesium.

Each of the above-mentioned characteristics may set sea salt apart from table salt, but in one other very important respect there’s usually little difference between the two: sodium content.

Its a true-avoid fats, not carbs, if you want to lose weight

fatsTelegraph has recently reported outcome of this revolutionary study that links weight loss to FATS and not actually CARBS. Read (as is) to a healthier weight loss regime.

Mal de mer: Nausea: This dictionary word of the day means sea sickness. Lets explore what it is!

sea sicknessMotion sickness is a syndrome that occurs in response to real or perceived motion, which can include gastrointestinal, central nervous system, and autonomic symptoms.

Motion or sea or travel sickness is considered a physiological form of dizziness, since it is not indicative of a disease process. This can be induced in nearly all normal human subjects. The affects and conditions may vary in severity, as it may be produced with minimal provocation in some individuals but can be very difficult to elicit in others.

What is Nausea: The symptoms of motion sickness were first described by Hippocrates. They frequently occur during boat travel, and the principal symptom (nausea) is derived from the Greek word for ship (naus).

Yoga asanas to keep cancer at bay

Yoga asanas to keep cancer at bayYoga took birth thousands of years ago in India but eventually lost its charm and recognition in the ultra modern world that we live in today. 
While there were period during which science of yoga could not get its due recognition, but the turnaround, though slow, is happening. In fact, for many years, the emergence of yoga as a true way of life was visible more sharply in west than in India.
Yog means union, and it is a formula that the sages and seers during ancient time gave us for the goodness of humanity. The research and development giants, who work on treatment of various illnesses like cancer, often question how yoga can cure or help in curing cancer.

Gibe, Gybe, Jibe, and Jive-how moods affect your health

moodsAs your irritation mounts, you can feel your blood pressure rising. And that’s exactly what is happening to your body when you have an argument. The effects, it seems, can be lasting. In the week after the irritating incident, you just need to think about the argument and your blood pressure will rise again, according to research published in the International Journal of Psychophysiology. So if you’ve recently experienced a dispute, a seething irritation or a simple frustration, you could be best off forgetting about it.

Take a walk during your work hours-Too Much Sitting May Up Risk of Coronary Artery Calcification

sittingEach added hour spent sitting was associated with a 14% increase in coronary artery calcium (CAC) score, independent of traditional risk factors, including physical activity, in a study of middle-aged subjects without cardiovascular disease. (from Heart wire).

The association between vascular calcification and vascular disease has been known to anatomists and pathologists for several hundred years.

Color-Changing Flowers—Biotechnology for Everyone

Color-changing petuniasThere is more to science than publications and profit. We believe in wonder. We believe in accessibility, transparency, and sustainability. 

Beautiful Biotechnology

Revolution Bioengineering (, a start-up based in Colorado, is bioengineering color-changing flowers. The products are purely aesthetic: flowers that change color on demand or throughout the day. “It’s a beautiful physical representation of how technology can be used as a tool to produce something artistic,” assert co-founders, Keira Havens and Nikolai Braun, who hope it will capture the imagination of the general public and make genetically modified organisms (GMOs) more accessible, personal, and better understood.

The Basis of Petunia Circadia Color Change. Plants with purple and pink flowers are genetically identical except for a mutation in a vacuolar ion channel. Modulating vacuolar pH leads to change in flower color.

Yoga and alchemy

pranayamFrom the natural news:

Of all yoga practices known to me so far, pranayama is my favorite. And of all the pranayama practices, Ujjayi tops the list. Here’s why: The word Ujjay means victorious in Sanskrit. One is not entirely certain why this particular pranayama has been named as such, but I imagine it generates so much prana, one has little choice but to conquer disease with it. And precisely because of the high energy state of mind that results from the practice of Ujjayi, it is also been given the name psychic breath.

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