Sacrifice is also a supreme form of love- Guilt, an emotion who’s marks cannot be erased, removed or eliminated.

GuiltWashing away your guilt , does this help you move on and around the most hurtful or saddest event of your life?? A real story that kept me away from the world but allowing me to rise to the light , to understand, the tests of life and being present in the world by just not, existing but by being present as, ALIVE in the real sense. Remember, sacrifice is also a supreme form of Love……

OSL syndrome- a daft definition may transform into a striking mental health problem- Beware – Valentines day


During the Grade 10 and 12 Final Exams, Credit , alongside trophy, for the new innovation and discovery i would hand with due respect to this great writer (teen writer or written for teens),who i read about OSL ( One sided Love- the OSL syndrome), aptly put i must say. Syndrome is a set of symptoms or conditions that occur together and suggest the presence of a certain disease or an increased chance of developing the disease.  A disease is the actual diagnosed impairment of health or a condition of abnormal functioning.

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