News Today: Angelina Jolie has ovaries and fallopian tubes removed-But Hold on

general mesh of cancer type wordsLink to the news::: Who needs the tests such as this and what is the significance and take of masters in science. There are two tests or may be panels or gens or serum markers as we may call them in question. First is CA 125 Serum Marker and the other is the Mutation test in two genes called as BRCA 1 and BRCA 2. what they mean and how the test should be elective and who may or may not undergo such an exercise.  This news rocks the hollywood but is also starting to haunt women across the globe the second time. Read on 

How to spot bias and other potential problems in randomised controlled trials

ovarianRisk of ovarian cancer ‘extremely small’ during Hormone Replacement Therapy, according to experts | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis.

The above study and recent news was on account of a study that was a randomised controlled trial. Read for complete news and act with sanity and alert mind, always.

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