Does a reconstruction plate used for jaw fixation become radioactive after the patient goes through radiation therapy on the head and neck? If yes, does it affect other family members?


There are types of Reconstructions in head and neck cancers. Also the timing of reconstruction is necessary keeping in mind the therapy that soon follows such reconstructions. what one needs to know?

Is it true ?- We can avoid RT in Breast Cancer: ‘Practice-Changing Tipping Point’- PRIME II Trial result??

metanalysisSome older women with early-stage breast cancer might be able to skip radiation therapy after breast-conservation surgery, according to a phase 3 randomized controlled trial.

The study, known as PRIME II, demonstrated a modest but statistically significant reduction in cancer recurrence in women who received radiotherapy, compared with those who did not. However, 5-year overall survival was similar in the two groups.

The results were published online January 28 in the Lancet Oncology.

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