“Even if you factor in contaminants, such as mercury found in some fish populations, the benefits of fish and seafood intake far more outweighs the potential risks”


Diabetes Prevention Recommendations- Risk, Fasting Glucose, Intervention, levels of glucose, physical activity, prevention

prevention The Community Prevention Services Task Force recommends that healthcare systems and communities provide counseling and longitudinal support to individuals who are at increased risk for type 2 diabetes. some tips and full text can be found here. 

This may not sound good- this study reveals pregnant women who carried female fetus higher blood glucose levels than those who carried a male fetus.

boys vsgirlsA study in Diabetes Care revealed pregnant women who carried a male had lower beta-cell function and higher blood glucose levels than those who carried a female fetus. Researchers also found significantly higher odds of gestational diabetes among women who carried a male fetus, particularly among older and non-white women.

Long Sleep Duration May Signal Increased Stroke Risk

long sleepA new study has shown a J-shaped relationship between sleep duration and future stroke risk, with a particularly strong signal associated with long sleep duration.

Investigators at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom found that short sleep was associated with an 18% increased stroke risk (not statistically significant), and long sleep was associated with a 46% increase in stroke risk after adjustment for conventional cardiovascular disease risk factors and comorbidities.

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