The way to find a more appropriate amount of breast and thyroid cancer is to forget about the small stuff, the tiny abnormalities.

We should look less hard for cancer!!

There’s a new cancer treatment strategy in the news: Wait and see. Time magazine ran a cover story on simply watching small breast cancers; the Wall Street Journal similarly reported on watching small thyroid cancers. So-called watchful waiting has been a long-standing option for early prostate cancers.

Source: We should look less hard for cancer – LA Times

Screening tests types and outcomes

screeningScreenings tests are essential for primary health goal and for prevention of diseases. The evidence that testing and intervention are practical and also effective drives them. Learn what the inexpensive and the readily available tests have to offer.

Not Recommended -Routine Thyroid Testing for DysFunction in Asymptomatic OR for non pregnant women

dnaCurrently available evidence is insufficient to recommend for or against screening for thyroid dysfunction in asymptomatic adults and women who are not pregnant, according to newly updated recommendations.

The researchers and UPSTF, acknowledged that thyroid screening can identify patients who have subclinical thyroid dysfunction or undiagnosed overt thyroid disease but said more evidence is needed to understand the effects of treatment for these problems. Read more for complete description and understanding Thyroid Dysfunction..FACTS

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