Statin the cholesterol lowering drug- A recent study states , “Statin Discontinuation Might Increase Quality of Life”

statinsAdverse reactions occur less frequently with the statins than with most other classes of lipid lowering agents. Hepatic dysfunction has been a source of concern; however, the actual risk appears to be very small. Myopathy remains an important side effect. Statin Discontinuation Might Increase Quality of Life in Patients with Advanced Life-Limiting Illness without Affecting Median Survival.

Why do statins increase the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus?

Why do statins increase the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus?.

Statins are the most powerful drugs available for lowering LDL-C and are the most effective lipid lowering drugs for improving clinical outcomes when used for primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease. The choice of statin depends upon a number of factors, including the degree of hyperlipidemia, pharmacokinetic properties, drug interactions, the presence of renal impairment, and cost.

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