Enhancing oncology treatment through PPP – The Financial Express

Enhancing oncology treatment through PPP – The Financial Express.

AceProbe Technologies in the first ever PPP endeavour in India, after an experience of over 5 years as a PPP model for support with Govt. of India.

The company has invested in a 100 percent genomics facility at Tata Memorial Centre- ACTREC mumbai to help support the cause to provide better support and affordable healthcare in the country!

American Express Achievers Inc.


Congratulations Puneet Chandna MD(h.c.), PhD, FIET, FNCCN, MAHA!

The Global Go-getter

You’re an avid traveller, crisscrossing the globe to forge new connections and seal new deals. Your overseas degree puts you many notches above others. You’ve conquered new territories while working with global organizations, reaching new milestones in your professional journey.

Weltanschauung- a German word- meaning image of the universe and humanity’s relation to it. Try and you can relate this to health.

This is what it is made from , in 1868, from German Weltanschauungfrom welt “world” + anschauung “perception”. Once i googled this word and health i could see a company by the name perception health existing and helping me connect the word with health almost instantly. 

Quickie on Heart Disease – Heart patient? Avoid rush hour traffic

Dec 14 2014 : The Times of India (Delhi)
Avoiding rush-hour traffic could curb your exposure to air pollution and reduce the risk of developing heart disease, a study has suggested. “There is now ample evidence that air pollution is associated with cardiovascular morbidity and mortality,“ said Robert Storey of the University of Sheffield, Britain. “It not only makes existing heart conditions worse but also contributes to development of the disease.“
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