What is Central Bank Digital Currency and how it will soon impact everything, yes every thing in your life?

Dear reader this message may ultimately reach you as a forward directly from me. *Getting straight to the point, In case you do not believe my explanation please believe the BBC news at least which has been there for decades and stands as the world top most news channel. I am sure one day you will thank me for sharing this with you, even after I am gone*

You must have heard recently about the CBDC or the Central Bank Digital Currency and also the *e- Rupee launch recently*

Please share this with everyone you can. Share it on twitter, facebook, everywhere. This will effect all of us. I cannot reiterate enough how important it is we counter this draconian system.

The ramifications of it upon our lives, your children’s lives and theirs, will be devastating. What the video discusses is only the half of it.

This isn’t a conspiracy theory.

The system is already up and running in China.

If there is one cause that should galvanise people of every political wing, race and religion.

It’s this.

No to CBDC’s.

Central Bank Digital Currencies.

Please don’t ignore this message. Honestly, if you let this system in you will regret it.

A big thanks to those who made the clip, and thank you for reading this.

Your safety is in your hands, post demonetisation, covid, vaccination and now CBDC. Think again, is this the thereat to freedom you were hearing and about the privacy you were hearing about being compromised for the entire human race? Well here we are!!

“Technology like this is a great example of how people can access reliable, world-leading NHS advice from the comfort of their home, reducing the pressure on our hardworking GPs and pharmacists,”


“Lane-Keeping Bed” developed by FORD-moves on to their partner’s side, the bed’s pressure sensors are triggered. The bed then uses an integrated conveyor belt to gently roll the individual back


“I’m a much better decision-maker, I’m a much better strategist, I’m a much better leader when I’m not wrapped up in the minutia of what’s going on in the company and what’s going on in the world”


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