FDA bans trans fats-doughnuts, and baked goods including cakes, pie crusts, biscuits, frozen pizza, cookies, crackers, and stick margarines and other spreads

transfats“A key concern is that many consumers may eat more than one serving of a food with minimal amounts of trans fat and that could add up to a signi cant amount,”

More than half of men referred for borderline low testosterone levels have depressive symptoms or overt depression, a new study finds.

food50 Shades of Gray: Depression Common in Borderline Testosterone

Serum total testosterone concentrations fall with increasing age, and free testosterone concentrations fall even more. This fall might have adverse consequences on energy, sexual function, muscle mass and function, erythropoiesis, and bone. Some of the decline in testosterone is related to the development of obesity and other comorbidities such as diabetes mellitus; evaluation and management of these comorbidities is therefore essential.

FDA Warns Against Testosterone Overuse- can cause heart problems

The Food and Drug Administration is warning doctors against over-prescribing testosterone-boosting drugs for men, saying the popular treatments have not been established as safe or effective for common age-related issues like low libido and fatigue.

Testosterone supplements may increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and other heart problems, FDA said. Drugmakers must add information about that potential risk to their prescribing labels and conduct a long-term study to further examine the issue, the FDA said.

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