Because of their high energy content, many people have believed the misconception that nuts cause unwanted weight gain, and avoid them altogether!


Underlying genetic mechanisms of Obesity and weight loss!

Gen_polymorphism_obes_riskA variable genetic component is always associated to Obesity and its many causes. Obesity may be caused by single-gene mutations or by various diseases (such as damage to the ventromedial hypothalamus) in subjects in whom obesity is otherwise not likely to occur.

Match your diet type to your body type

dietsWeight Gain and obesity have long been linked to a sedentary lifestyle. Also there has been a consensus relating all cause weight gain to excess calories intake. Considerable and extensive research suggests that weight loss mechanisms of diet control often almost relates to the belief of the person in the diet that helps him or her to follow the diet strictly to gain on weight loss regime.

Its a true-avoid fats, not carbs, if you want to lose weight

fatsTelegraph has recently reported outcome of this revolutionary study that links weight loss to FATS and not actually CARBS. Read (as is) to a healthier weight loss regime.

One simple diet change may be all you need to lose weight-increasing dietary fiber (that does not mean taking daily fiber supplements).

VegetablesThere’s good news for people who are trying to drop a few pounds but struggle with complicated diet plans and feeling deprived over long lists of what NOT to eat. A new study suggests a simpler approach may work just as well: Eat more of certain foods and don’t worry so much about calorie counting.Barry Gutierrez / AP

The new researcher, published Monday in the Annals of Internal Medicine, tracked 240 obese adults with metabolic syndrome, designing a program that divided then into two diet groups:

  • the standard American Heart Association (AHA) diet
  • a high-fiber diet
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