World Health Organization (W.H.O.) Issues Unequivocal Warning that Reverse Osmosis Water is bad for your health.

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The developed countries – USA , Germany, Russia, EU have shunned RO Systems for producing drinking water. They largely depend upon the lters with activated carbon, for puri- cation of drinking water. The RO Water Systems in India and third world countries have been mushrooming rampantly, due to vacuum in regulations. And the unawareness about unhealthiness of RO Water, even amongst the educated and elite class in India, is being fueled with fascinating and utterly deceptive TV Ads, with celebrity endorsements.


TURN IT DOWN: The WHO is urging manufacturers and regulators to ensure smartphones and other audio players have software that can ensure people do not listen to too loud music for too long!


5 more years added to life expectancy

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Life expectancy increased by 5 years between 2000 and 2015, the fastest increase since the 1960s. What would be the affect on the disease management and global burden math for leading Govts. of the world…

Global Warming and Cancer- Skin Care and apps that could be handy and make you beautiful skin ready

Global WarmingMany multicounty, multi-country “Pew” surveys have sparked off for over a decade regarding Global Warming. Cancer remains the largest and the costliest killer of all times for the Govts. across the globe and many who fear cancer as a death sentence. Learn what the experts have to say on the environment issues as, leading causes of Cancer.

Breaking!!!New WHO guideline clamps down on intake of free sugars

Adults and children should reduce their daily free sugar intake to less than 10% of their total energy intake, according to a new guideline from the World Health Organization.

spoonful of sugar
“We have solid evidence that keeping intake of free sugars to less than 10% of total energy intake reduces the risk of overweight, obesity and tooth decay,” says Dr. Francesco Branca.
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