What kind of medical treatment is required for fibroids in the uterus?

images.jpgFibroids are often referred to as “Uterine leiomyomas” or just simply Myomas. These do not need a biopsy or as called, a histologic confirmation of the clinical diagnosis. Often fibroids see, both growth and regression and for such reasons asymptomatic uterine fibroids can usually be followed without any intervention.

What would be a better option in a hysterectomy, removing uterus with ovaries or without ovaries?

HysFor this one must first consider the reasons to be compulsive around the ailment that warrant a hysterectomy or others that that compels one to undergo such procedure.

Cervical Cancer Update 2017: Symptoms Of The New Subtype Of Female Reproductive Cancer

Women with cervical cancer might get more targeted treatment now that researchers better understand how the most common STD drives the disease.

Source: Cervical Cancer Update 2017: Symptoms Of The New Subtype Of Female Reproductive Cancer

Many doctors discouraging HPV vaccination, study finds

Many doctors discouraging HPV vaccination, study finds

Vaccination against human papillomavirus is deemed crucial for protection against certain cancers, but some parents choose not to get their child vaccinated against the virus. Now, a new study suggests the decision to avoid vaccination may largely be down to discouragement from doctors.
[HPV vaccine]
The researchers found that 27% of doctors surveyed said they do not strongly endorse HPV vaccination.

5 early Breast cancer signs–Truth about cancer series

traffic lightBreast cancer awareness month has just gotten underway, which means the Great Pink Push is being unleashed. The cancer industry will shift into overdrive, urging women everywhere to get their mammogram screenings as they beg for cash donations for breast cancer research. All the while providing little in the way of practical preventative tips and tools that women can use to avoid this common form of cancer. Original article: Posted by:  Ty Bollinger

Are we able to balance the costs with the benefits-Breast Cancer Treatment

billionsStudy by authors Mei-Sing Ong and Kenneth Mandl : They say their findings indicate that the cost of breast cancer overtreatment appears to be much higher than previously estimated and around-  $4 billion and includes cost false-positive mammograms and breast cancer over diagnosis. Some Thoughts

12 Power food from women health magazine- Check the chart in complete post!


Another berry, fish, or nut is proclaimed a “superfood” about every other minute. (Insert eye roll here.) But truth be told, certain eats do deserve props in the fitness arena, says exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist Stacy Sims, Ph.D.—especially if you’re looking to clock a faster run time or, hey, drop a jeans size. In fact, if you’re not seeing any payoff, ID’ing a few missing ingredients and shaking up your plate (more fat here, fewer carbs there) could be just the thing to move the dial from “what gives?” to “aw, yeah!” Nothing nitpicky here, folks. Just easy-to-follow intel on what to eat and when. And it’s all pretty darn yum. When’s the last time you had chocolate milk? Exactly. Dig in!

NOW we know that after migrants come to the U.S., their health behavior and health status change the longer they live in the United States

US immigration is associated with rise in smoking among Latinos and Asians AMY HODGES

Immigration to the U.S. may result in increased smoking in Latino and Asian women, according to new research from sociologists at Rice University, Duke University and the University of Southern California.

The study, “Gender, Acculturation and Smoking Behavior Among U.S. Asian and Latino Immigrants,” examines smoking prevalence and frequency among Asian and Latino U.S. immigrants. The research focuses on how gender differences in smoking behavior are shaped by aspects of acculturation and the original decision to migrate. The study was published in the April issue of the journal Social Science & Medicine and is available online.

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