Meta-Analysis of Meditation Reveals Limited Prosocial Effect 


Strange but true! All these studies used secular meditation techniques derived from Buddhism, such as mindfulness and loving-kindness meditation, but not other related activities, like yoga or Tai-Chi. For decades many people have claimed meditation can change how we behave towards others and make us more compassionate. New research suggests meditation’s role in making individuals better people is limited.

Source: Meta-Analysis of Meditation Reveals Limited Prosocial Effect | Technology Networks

Integrative therapies during and after breast cancer treatment: a clinical practice guideline – The Clinical Advisor

Evidence supports the routine use of mind-body practices, such as yoga, meditation, relaxation techniques, and passive music therapy, to address common mental health concerns in patients with breast cancer.

The authors developed the following graded integrative therapies for clinicians to use in patients with breast cancer according to clinical outcomes.

Source: Integrative therapies during and after breast cancer treatment: a clinical practice guideline – The Clinical Advisor

Laughter is Medicine?-YES AND NO

laughterI love people who make me laugh, when i do not even want to smile!

Laughter is the best medicine. I do not dispute it. However when i see many seniors in a park front of my house each day, laughing their heart out, i am however a bit concerned. Reasons are few and simple.

Yoga Turns in So-So Results for Back Problems | Medpage Today

lets moveIn white coat research centres no finding is also a finding. Words such as “Little”, “moderate” or “not a remarkable outcome” are synonyms to studies. Remember that ” No finding” is also a finding in research . Hence keep YOGING !

Review shows some benefit in function, but not much for pain!

Source: Yoga Turns in So-So Results for Back Problems | Medpage Today

Here are some forms of complementary and alternative medicine to relieve Anxiety almost instantly

floccinaucinihilipilificationComplementary medicine includes strategies that are not routinely used in Western medicine, although some doctors are favorable towards these methods.

Yoga and its benefits for Prostate Cancer patients and more

Original Article at NDTV
How Yoga Can Benefit Cancer PatientsBy now, you probably know that yoga can do more good to your health than burn calories and tone muscles. Adding to that, a new study led by an Indian-origin researcher suggests that practicing yoga can improve the quality of life of men with prostate cancer who are undergoing radiation therapy.
Researchers found that the general quality of life and measurements of side effects often experienced by prostate cancer patients – including fatigue, sexual health and urinary incontinence – were stable throughout a course of outpatient radiation therapy among the men who participated in an intensive yoga programme.

“Data have consistently shown declines in these important measures among prostate cancer patients undergoing cancer therapy without any structured fitness interventions, so the stable scores seen with our yoga programme are really good news,” said Neha Vapiwala, associate professor at Abramson Cancer Centre, University of Pennsylvania in the US.

The possible explanation for the benefits of yoga seen in the study stems from physiologic data demonstrating its ability to help reduce cancer-related fatigue and to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and increase blood flow. These aspects may in turn improve erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence, Vapiwala explained.

Between May 2013 and June 2014, the study participants attended twice-weekly yoga classes of 75 minutes each, taught by trained Eischens yoga instructors. “Eischens yoga incorporates ideas from movement theory and kinesiology and is accessible to all body types and experience levels,” said Tali Mazar Ben-Josef, certified Eischens yoga instructor and researcher at Abramson Cancer Centre.

Most yoga participants reported a sense of well-being at the end of each class, Ben-Josef said. Severity of fatigue scores demonstrated significant variability over the time of treatment. Erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence, and general quality of life scores demonstrated steady trends. The findings were presented at the Society of Integrative Oncology’s 12th International Conference in Boston.

Astrologers connecting Yoga with star gaze- lining up with evidence based medicine

They state those who will get involved with the activities of Yoga whether they are individuals or institutions or State or Country, all will be even benefited  financially, which will in turn give sound health to all,  after all  “Health is Wealth”.

International Yoga Day – Will the trend catch up?.

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