Yoga & Namaz- Yoga derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj,’ means ‘to yoke’.The ancient practice of yoga and the prayer ritual of namaz, complement each other,

back to basicsToday, on June 21, the Government of India is organising a grand event at India Gate, New Delhi, to celebrate the first ‘International Yoga Day’ (IYD) and the Prime Minister will perform some asanas there along with scores of yoga enthusiasts. Some Muslim organisations have raised objections to the teaching of Surya Namaskar and other forms of yoga in schools as they say it goes against the tenets of Islam to bow down before anyone other than Allah. The controversy has arisen because of a misunderstanding that connects yoga to religion, that is, Hinduism.

Yoga asanas to keep cancer at bay

Yoga asanas to keep cancer at bayYoga took birth thousands of years ago in India but eventually lost its charm and recognition in the ultra modern world that we live in today. 
While there were period during which science of yoga could not get its due recognition, but the turnaround, though slow, is happening. In fact, for many years, the emergence of yoga as a true way of life was visible more sharply in west than in India.
Yog means union, and it is a formula that the sages and seers during ancient time gave us for the goodness of humanity. The research and development giants, who work on treatment of various illnesses like cancer, often question how yoga can cure or help in curing cancer.

Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Medicine-Some modalities will garner sufficient support to become part of mainstream care and the next generation of physicians will never know they were once controversial.

medicine wheelThe side picture to this post is indicative of all about the essential elements of the integrative medicine wheel to include Energy Medicine, Mind/Body Medicine, Manipulative Therapies, Herbal Medicine, Lifestyle and behaviour. Medicine and medical professional in the current generation is arguably a team of specialists and allied professionalsradiation physicists, cytologists, nurse practitioners, psychiatric social workers, dental hygienists, and many more.TA common man’s expectations of health and the nature of the health care system have been altered and is frequently guided by information, goods, and services ; regulations and laws that constrain medical practice on the one hand and rarely accelerating choice in health care on the other. 

Yoga and alchemy

pranayamFrom the natural news:

Of all yoga practices known to me so far, pranayama is my favorite. And of all the pranayama practices, Ujjayi tops the list. Here’s why: The word Ujjay means victorious in Sanskrit. One is not entirely certain why this particular pranayama has been named as such, but I imagine it generates so much prana, one has little choice but to conquer disease with it. And precisely because of the high energy state of mind that results from the practice of Ujjayi, it is also been given the name psychic breath.

For older adults, a solution to sleepless nights – Mindful awareness has scientific support as a means to reduce stress, improve attention, boost the immune system, reduce emotional reactivity and promote a general sense of health and well-being.

sleep disoderResearchers of Neuroscience and Human Behavior say they’ve found a relatively simple mind–body intervention that fits the bill.The scientists found that mindfulness meditation promotes sleep quality in older adults who suffer from moderate sleep complaints. (UCLA Health System, 02/19/2015)

More Americans Using Yoga, Fish Oil, Probiotics for Health Alicia Ault February 10, 2015

Americans’ love affair with yoga may be more than just a passing fad. New data from the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) show that from 2002 to 2012, the use of yoga doubled among adults.

ASU researchers study impact of yoga on PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) associated with Still Births

According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are 26,000 stillbirths in the United States each year. Stillbirth is defined as a fetal death that occurs any time after 20 weeks of pregnancy until date of birth.

YOGA- Meta analysis reveals Yoga has the same potential as exercise to reduce the risk factors of cardiovascular disease

metanalysisYoga has the same potential as exercise to reduce the risk factors of cardiovascular disease.

Yoga tackles cardiovascular risk factors about as well as exercise does and is better than nothing for those who can’t do conventional aerobics, a meta-analysis concluded.

ollowing a systematic review of 37 randomised controlled trials, investigators from the Netherlands and USA have found that yoga may provide the same benefits in risk factor reduction as such traditional physical activities as biking or brisk walking.

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