Health may have many definitions to its credit, millions of hits to its query on the web. Search engines can yell out over million of signs, symptoms and issues related to health.

Health you would agree is a freedom from the concerns and anxiety you have in your daily life regarding your current condition or ailment that is not allowing to to perform your daily functions as you would have in the past.

Generally health is a distress in the body owing to the physiological, chemical or biological changes that cause you to slow down, make you fall out or cause irritability and anxiety from a  particular condition, symptom or thought.

You guessed it right! This can make you feel sick, if not already and needs a thorough examination by a clinician and follow up that makes you feel better if not the best over time.

Unfortunately the overburdened healthcare system and pressure of time and quality does not allow an in-depth conversation or consultation at day care. More so, recovery from a condition which fortunately got you back home from a brief stay at hospital, leaves you with a combination of pills that only remind you of the condition each time you pop that life saving small pellet or capsule about the unfortunate event or imbibes a growing fear in you wit sense of uncertainty or curiosity of what may be coming next.

Good news is..

Medical fraternity across specialities including Cardiology, Oncology and even Psychological disorders are also tired of the mundane, monotonous was we treat just the symptoms of patients you turn up. the guidelines and overall system has given in.

Technology, Space, Environment and best available evidence has not shaped the most awaited and the best so far- vertical of medicine and treatment methodologies termed carefully and wisely as “FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE”.

We welcome you in our journey to “endyourillness” through latest and the most advanced explanation and support based evidences in research, guidelines and help you feel better and take charge of your current condition and always, thereafter.

We wish you a healthy and informed tour alongside engagement with our experts!


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