“I call on the Gibraltar Government and the Director of Public Health, that there needs to be a suspension of these mRNA vaccines” – Dr Aseem Malhotra to the people of Gibraltar 30/03/23

Over 1,000 Peer-Reviewed Papers in the Medical Literature Describe Vaccine Injuries & Deaths”That is a tsunami of terrible reports on vaccines!” exclaimed Dr. McCullough @P_McCulloughMD.”These are real patients suffering real diseases that doctors are [examining] these patients and reporting the findings and doing autopsies and reporting the deaths.”

Not even Anthony Fauci is prepared to stand by the propaganda he’s been pushing for the last three years. Now, he’s co-authored a report talking about the “incomplete and short-lived” protection vaccines give. Mark Steyn has the latest.

COVID-19 Vaccines: Scientific Proof of Lethality

Please read and include the following “Scientific Proof of Lethality” of alleged “COVID-19 Vaccines”:

“Over a Thousand Scientific Studies Show That COVID-19 Vaccines Are Dangerous, and Those Pushing This Agenda Commit the Indictable Crime of Gross Misconduct in Public Office.”

Just over a year after the deployment of the COVID 19 emergency use experimental vaccines, thousands of scientific studies, and reports of criminal complaints of assault and murder from the illegal, unlawful use of biochemical poisons made to police forces across the country confirm an assault on an unsuspecting UK population.

Irrefutable research indicates that the COVID 19 vaccination is not safe or efficient in decreasing SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus transmission or infection.

The “safe and effective” misleading propaganda spread by public officials who are now promoting this vaccination is a clear breach of duty.

A public office holder is subject to, and is aware of, a duty to prevent death or serious injury caused solely by the activities of the public office.

Many have violated that duty, putting themselves and others at risk of death or serious damage by continuing to administer COVID 19 injections despite the now-confirmed risks.

Blood coagulation, myocarditis, pericarditis, thrombosis, thrombocytopenia, anaphylaxis, Bell’s palsy, Guillain-Barre syndrome, malignancy, and mortality are among the hazards.

All of this is confirmed by the following science-and-government-gathered data on vaccine harm from the UK Health and Security department on COVID 19.

The term “vaccine” was recently redefined to include this illegal, unlawful medical experiment in order to allow the use of mRNA technology that is plainly not a vaccination and contains biologically harmful nano-metamaterials connected with 5G urban data collection capability.

Metal nanoparticulates are known to be genotoxic—a toxin that can also cause sterilization—in science.

The dangers that this medical battery poses to sufferers in the short term are now known.

However, due to the devastating effects it has on the immune system, creating Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, the long-term lethality of this weapon has yet to be realised (AIDS).

We can now validate the 2017 depopulation defense-intelligence documents, which detail the intended death of over 55 million people across the United Kingdom using this biological weapon by 2025.

Before the deployment, the Medicines and Healthcare (products) Regulatory Agency (MHRA) was warned of the predicted significant number of adverse reactions, indicating the premeditated character of the crime and public behaviour offences then and now.

Cerebral venous thrombosis after COVID-19 vaccination in the UK: a multicentre cohort study:


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Covid 19 Sar Cov 2 Vaccine side effects unearthed! Dr Puneet Chandna

Hello health buffs, pals, and covid mRNA vaccinated people. This communication is easily understood by non-scientists and non-doctors. It is meant to help you understand mRNA immunisation. A specialist in cancer, mental health, heart illness, and immune system problems, I have spent over two decades studying DNA and RNA.
You may be asking why people throughout the world have been protesting the vaccine mandate for almost two and a half years now. All of your hatred for the vaccinated and all of your admiration for godly governance is utterly false and uncalled for.
This remark is not founded on philosophy or propaganda, but rather a desperate attempt to gain likes, forwards, and virality. For no other reason than to uphold the medical profession’s pretentious commitment to help all people tirelessly and selflessly without fear or financial benefit.

If this makes sense, continue reading…..

People worldwide now understand words like DNA, RNA, mRNA, PCR, and RTPCR, thus this should be easy to read and comprehend. If not, I vow to make it easy.

You study genomics, a branch of science that focuses on the little components of all living things called cells and their central control point DNA, which is contained in a nucleus. In 2002, when the first complete Human DNA sequence was read, I was told that the central dogma “the process by which the instructions in DNA are converted into a functional product” is a holy principal and almost never changes or reverses its path unless the event is very rare and one in millions, which occurs in diseases like HIV that causes AIDS.

This holy book principle that I have examined and published about millions of DNA and RNA study samples simply states: “A cell’s nucleus has DNA. This DNAS held the code for practically all functions of our billions of cells and the mechanism stays the same. If anything goes wrong, it is a regret of its sort. The cells divide, multiply, perm their activities, and eventually die a natural death inside the body. You’ll see why I keep repeating it. So keep reading….

To bind to other cells and perform duties, DNA inside the cell nucleus creates RNA, which carries the cell’s code. These processes occur continuously in your 30 TRILLION cells every day. Remember, DNA makes RNA, RNA makes proteins, never the other way around. This can be reversed by increasing the activity of an enzyme called “Reverse Transcriptase” in our bodies. You must have guessed that it denotes or aids in reversing some scientific process. Yes, the process from DNA to RNA to protein production is correct. This suggests that the process of RNA to DNA conversion is not natural and goes against the will of our Scientific Biological GOD.

Since mRNA is the cell’s messenger and helps manufacture proteins and conduct immunity in immune cells, it was the sweet idea of the Pharma Companies and Governments to make vaccines made of synthetic mRNA, hence the name mRNA vaccine. This is supposed to create only proteins that help boost our immune system to combat covid 19.

Friends You can either read it yourself, or have it read to you by a friend or simply translate it using the Google translate app, which will do a better job than the scientists who created the so-called revolutionary vaccine that we are taking and retaking, and considering taking as boosters or even a regular, yearly vaccine in the future.

This is the article’s main point. I quit my vital work to write and rewrite this post for non-scientists to understand what happens following immunizations produced due to insufficient and risky lab work.

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