Indian Official YOGA Protocol Now released-Download Free pdf and this link.

common-yoga-protocol Download Free pdf and this link.

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Anxiety around Vitamin D 3 and the cure for anxiety it may have!


Anxiety disorders are among the most common mental health problems we find these days with the clinical groups recommending therapy for anxiety issues before they get to your mind. Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) has on the other hand is engaging the use of Vit. D3 as, an adjunct or substitute to treat anxiety disorders in modern cosmos. Read More

No such thing as ‘fat but fit’, major study finds!

The issue has been controversial. Obesity is usually measured by body mass index (BMI) – a ratio of weight against height. It is generally agreed to be imperfect because athletes and very fit people with dense muscle can have the same BMI as somebody who is obese.

‘Metabolically healthy obese’ are 50% more likely to suffer heart disease than those of normal weight, finds University of Birmingham study

Source: No such thing as ‘fat but fit’, major study finds | Society | The Guardian