Treatment Road Map

Medicine is “Latin and Greek”. It is estimated that about three-fourths of medicalterminology is of Greek origin. This could mean that if a report, examination and prescription is NOT substantiated with simple explanation, the quality of treatment may suffer from ignorance, trauma and suffering which only adds to your conditions.

All the more chronic diseases and ailments that are acute leave a person to end up with lots of Blood work, papers that one may look at to decipher patterns and graphs, leave alone the diction that is not at all or sounds familiar or assuring.

We ar Endyourillness, support the explanations and provide a professional easy to understand the diagnosis, treatment and the plan offered by your healthcare professional.

Besides, we access power 100000 resources across specialities and help your identify the best available evidence around the treatment, disease and innovations in the field. Your won’t believe some of these are also not known or available as a resource which is further limited by time to report, discuss and support in an out patient visit.

Amongst the barriers area  lack of understanding of medical terms and paucity of time that stands as a road block to choose and understand the road map of your treatment besides benefits and side effects that may reduce your quality of life considerable around the promise of cure.

We remain committed to your needs and help you understand, make sense of your therapy, condition and offer a complete solution which you may later discuss with your healthcare provider, saving time, suffering and helping endyourillness, faster and efficiently.


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