Genetic Precision Breeding Of Humans

This is a govt document and what they’re doing to the UK citizens, through the injections 💉 , food, pharma in general.

Humans are being hybridized/interbred with animals, and what else .

The satanic oligarchs are doing everything they can to destroy all of God’s Creations.

FDA Approves Physical Control of the Mind by Musk’s Neuralink

The FDA’s approval of Elon Musk’s Neuralink for human experimentation is momentous — a potentially catastrophic step toward transhumanism — the attempted physical control of the mind.1 I emphasize “attempted” because all such previous attempts have inflicted severe injury on the brains of the subjects without achieving any significant control over the individual’s behavior. Neuralink uses a robot to “sew” very thin electrodes into the brain for interfacing with computers.

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