Evidence Based Evaluation (EBE) of all new drugs over a five year period!

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ASTRO 2017: Urban Cancer Center Finds 75% of Its Patients With Depression Were Previously Undiagnosed

parasomnia“Depression prevalence continues to be high among cancer patients, especially those receiving treatment at an urban cancer center, as well as those who identify as female or are disabled by their disease. Alarmingly, most of these patients remain undiagnosed and untreated, indicating an important gap in cancer care and an opportunity to improve patient outcomes,”.


Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Scientific KnowledgeThe World Cancer Research Fund estimates that about 20 percent of all cancers diagnosed in the U.S. can be attributed to lifestyle factors such as body weight, physical activity (or lack thereof), alcohol consumption and/or nutrition.


Does a reconstruction plate used for jaw fixation become radioactive after the patient goes through radiation therapy on the head and neck? If yes, does it affect other family members?


There are types of Reconstructions in head and neck cancers. Also the timing of reconstruction is necessary keeping in mind the therapy that soon follows such reconstructions. what one needs to know?


I suffer from audio and visual hallucinations, I’m under 16 and consume no harmful substances, am relatively healthy, could it be anything serious?


Simple visual hallucinations include images of unformed light, geometric shapes or designs. Complex visual hallucinations are formed images of people, animals, or scenes.


What would be a better option in a hysterectomy, removing uterus with ovaries or without ovaries?

HysFor this one must first consider the reasons to be compulsive around the ailment that warrant a hysterectomy or others that that compels one to undergo such procedure.


Are walnuts good for kidney patients that have diabetes and BP? Go Nuts (But just a little!)

WalnutsWalnuts are good, and son re most nuts that track your heart condition and help cope up with the stress. American Heart Association also promotes NUTS!