Yoga to Offer Supportive Care for Lung Cancer Patients!

meditationg452696009_12175201In an earlier ASCO Reading Room article on the pros and cons of exercise for lung cancer patients, Chinese researchers suggested that studies on physical activity in this patient population focus on methods such as Tai Chi and yoga.


7 Key Cancer Trends For 2018

Prevention is unfortunately absent from this list. Cancer prevention remains a personal priority: the best way to avoid cancer deaths, toxicity and costs of treatment, is to prevent the disease from happening

Few doctors, even oncologists who subspecialize, can keep up with developments in the field.


Does mobile radiation cause ear cancer? What are the symptoms if it is caused?

earCancer in the ear has a broad classification of major class called as head and neck cancer. The evaluation of otorrhea is the major stake for any such new or neoplasms that one may want to explore or exclude from other diagnosis.


Does Placenta consumption offer few benefits for new moms- Placentophagia

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 4.08.33 PMConsuming the placenta following childbirth has become increasingly popular in industrial countries. Proponents of the practice say that because maternal Placentophagia (placentophagy) is common in mammals throughout nature, it most likely offers benefits to human mothers as well.


Livers: What should be a recommended diet, workout and lifestyle for a patient suffering from Hepatitis/Jaundice and while recovering from the disease?

jHepatitis / Jaundice. I perceive that you are talking about hepatitis that causes jaundice? Right? Well of so my opinion is as under:

It is not only hepatitis that causes jaundice. Jaundice is a word derived from word yellow which mean that your skin and eyes appear yellowish.


Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Scientific KnowledgeThe World Cancer Research Fund estimates that about 20 percent of all cancers diagnosed in the U.S. can be attributed to lifestyle factors such as body weight, physical activity (or lack thereof), alcohol consumption and/or nutrition.


How are the diseases like fever, cough, and cold etc. classified in contrast to diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and asthma etc.?


In almost every Out patient department or a clinic often a febrile illness (fever) without an initially obvious etiology (sometimes called fever without localizing signs) as fever of unknown origin (FUO).


What is orthorexia nervosa and what are some signs that I might have this eating disorder? What are the health risks?

EDAnorexia nervosa is characterized by an abnormally low body weight, intense fear of gaining weight, and distorted perception of body weight and shape.