About us

End Your Illness! Voluminous Data and related trends coupled with technology and innovations leaves healthcare practitioners across the globe with about , 2500 publications a year and over 140,000 novel reads which have potential as, “Practice Changing Updates”.

It almost impossible for almost all trained and genius minds to incorporate retain and deploy these revolutionary advancements into practice. Clinicians often struggle across there endeavours to find time and clinch to the best available resource and knowledge into daily habitude.

Lack of time and scanty workforce leads to an ailing subject and the doctor burnout, leaving no choice to seek support and bow to the latest Intelligencemental capability that, among other things, involves the ability to reason, plan, solve problems, through super computing abilities.

End Your Illness “EYI” looks to reduce this gap and offer the best available clinical evidence, reasoning and the latest in Medicine to support clinicians, cancer survivors and others who fail to understand their reports, have a compelling need to understand their symptoms, disease and the effects on longterm medications.

At EYI we thrive on the knowledge, dedicated team of professionals across contemporary treatments and trends that help treatment in Cancers, Heart Ailments, Nutritional Attributes, Genetics, Integrative Medicine along with others , leading to the Next Generation Precision Medicine!

We welcome you to the band and value your association for your inquisition, support and faith that leads to a healthier tomorrow…. in our Quest to End Your Illness.


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