1. Dr. Puneet has turned out to be a friend, philosopher and guide. I can also call him my 3 am resource 🙂
    I had taken his advise during treatment of Mouth Cancer my brother had last year and his observations and next action were pin point accurate, even though I was in Mumbai and he was in Delhi. I wish him all the powers in the medicine world to help people.


  2. Dr Puneet Chandna has been very helpful and resourceful in treating and advising my family. The time when my uncle had bladder cancer, he really advised and that advice helped in treating him better. My moms heart condition and my post accident treatment were very well taken care of by Dr Puneet. I am very thankful for his support 24/7.


  3. I am so blessed to have Dr Puneet Chandna for his treatment advise, guidance and approach towards any illness. It has worked wonders for my Family. His comforting and reassuring words are sometimes more powerful then medicines. On behalf of my entire family I would like to thank him and request him to keep the smiles and good work going.


  4. Dr Puneet…..I have no words to describe him ……Thankful to God for he being there and guiding me to treat my hubby. Under his special guidance and treatment and sparing his valuable time n precise judgment was able to recover my hubby from Jaundice add on Hepatitis E. Am blessed to have him and very very thankful for his support. I wish him all the best and his good work going.


  5. I have heard that a Doctor is equivalent to God but never ever believed before meeting with Dr. Punit. At this point if time when life seems like dead end. He has not only shown the right track also created it with right approach. My father is facing very aggressive kind of Cancer. Believe me, the way Dr. Punit suggested me the way forward approach. It’s really commendable. I can’t express my gratitude towards his support and guidance. I am so much fortunate that I have got the chance to meet him and get the appropriate guidance for my father. May Dr. Punit achieve all the heights in medical field.


  6. Under his special guidance and treatment and sparing his valuable time n precise judgment my sister was able to recover from Cancer where all the doctor was end up saying she will be there for maximum 6 months. The way Dr. Punit suggested me the way forward approach. It’s was really commendable.Thank you & wise you all luck for coming future…


  7. परम् आदरणिय, डो.साहब
    आपके उपचार से मेरी माताजी की तबियत.मे काफ़ी सुधार है उन्होने थोड़ा थोड़ा चलना शुरू कर दिया है ।उनके कान से पानी /मवाद आना काफ़ी कम हो गया है आप दवरा दी गई कान की दवा खत्म हो गई है कलेजे मे जलन है इसके बारे मे कुछ ईलाज बताए आपकी अति कृपा होगी । आपकी अनमोल राय से हमें कृतार्थ करें ।


  8. Dr puneet has always been our life line for any of our medical issues be it for my uncle who suffered with cancer or for mother in law who had herpis and dr could not make it out for a long time.. or any of my relatives any moment of time..his prescribed medicines has always helped in curing diseases.. he is a blessing for us..thnx a lot for your cooperation and guidance.. and being available 24/7 for us..


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