Is cancer a hereditary disease?

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Many a time people confuse between genetics and heredity when it comes to cancer. Cancer is a molecular disease at the level of DNA sequence that holds the story of most processes including case of cancer.


Is it necessary to get cervical cancer vaccination done?


This is a very sensitive query that i have been working with for around over 10 years in my professional course. You would have many cervical cancer international publication on testing and vaccination for HPV causing cervical cancer.


The Biotech Devil’s Dictionary: Your guide to the inanities of industry jargon

This satirical dictionary peels apart the empty jargon and linguistic absurdities that biotech investors and entrepreneurs use to promote pet projects. iotech can be a breeding ground for jargon, coded language, and outright nonsense, as investors and scientists probe the depths of linguistic absurdity to explain why the thing they do is just that much more special than all the other things out there. We wanted to celebrate this proud tradition — and so, like a canny capitalist repurposing an old drug, we stole an idea.

Source: The Biotech Devil’s Dictionary: Your guide to the inanities of industry jargon