Keep in mind that the bad guys are masters of disguise and will always pose as the saviors you need.

Don’t lose sight of the fact that the vast majority of people are moral. Keep in mind that the bad guys are masters of disguise and will always pose as the saviors you need. In many cases, they hide their criminal activities by posing as charitable groups. Mr. Bill Gates, whose own wife left him after learning the truth about his ties to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, is one of the architects of this dishonest enterprise.

As a group, we have the power to bring down Mr. Gates and other avaricious monopolists. You should all view the Real Bill and spread the word!

Dan shared this with me first. The feeling in your heart after watching this short clip is what needs to radiate throughout the world and then we will be in great shape ❤️

Rumble hosted it, and has now been viewed there by more than 6 million people.When the war in Ukraine erupted, YouTube banned Stone’s film, which mostly covers the events of 2013 and 2014, with a heavy emphasis on Victoria Nuland’s role in choosing the new Ukrainian leaders. 

The great lies of COVID-19 pushed on the world by global health agencies and mainstream media are unraveling before our eyes. Del walks through the ‘10 Myths Told By Covid Experts’ published by Johns Hopkins Surgeon, Marty Makary, MD, pinpointing when and where The HighWire was brave enough to report on debunking each one, going all the way back to January of 2020.

Hilton: We need to hold Anthony Fauci accountable Fox News host Steve Hilton discusses the lab leak theory and why China and U.S. government officials need to be held accountable on ‘The Next Revolution.’ #foxnews #fox #thenextrevolution

That Was a Lie!’: There Was Never a Scientific Consensus On Lockdowns, Masks, or the Vaccine

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya: “What happened was a relatively small group, a cartel almost, of very powerful scientific bureaucrats took over the whole apparatus of science – at least as far as the public eve is concerned – dominated the media, dominated the message to politicians, and as a result, we had a catastrophic response to COVID. And we’re going to be paying the costs of that for a very long time.”

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