⚠️ Big Tech censorship is getting WORSE!

We recently saw some SHOCKING instances of online censorship.

👎A chess YouTuber’s video was blocked for ‘HARMFUL’ content.
Commentators think the algorithm confused chess strategy phrasing like “black vs white” for racism.

👎 Facebook previously flagged a post quoting the Declaration of Independence as ‘HATE SPEECH.’

👎Even our own video of Conservative MP, David Davis, was censored by YouTube.

😱 We even saw an ALARMING glimpse of state censorship when
UK home office tried to take down a tweet by Free from Torture

The Online Safety Bill will give these systems STATE-BACKING & it returns to Parliament next week.

We’ve briefed MPs about the dangers of this Bill & we’re calling on the Gov’t to SCRAP these censorious powers.

Simple Reason to believe this is that – ITS A TRUE!!

100 Million Additional People Descended into Poverty Because of the Impact of Lockdowns

  • Many of those 100 million people starved.
  • Children were forced to work instead of going to school.
  • Girls were sold into sexual slavery because their families couldn’t feed them.
  • Children will end up poorer and live shorter lives because of interruption to schooling.

“I call on the Gibraltar Government and the Director of Public Health, that there needs to be a suspension of these mRNA vaccines” – Dr Aseem Malhotra to the people of Gibraltar 30/03/23

Over 1,000 Peer-Reviewed Papers in the Medical Literature Describe Vaccine Injuries & Deaths”That is a tsunami of terrible reports on vaccines!” exclaimed Dr. McCullough @P_McCulloughMD.”These are real patients suffering real diseases that doctors are [examining] these patients and reporting the findings and doing autopsies and reporting the deaths.”

Plain and simple! This is not us, it’s the NEJM reporting about the boosters!- Stroke, Myocardial Infarction, and Pulmonary Embolism after Bivalent BoosterPlain and simple! This is not us, it’s the NEJM reporting about the boosters!-


THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED… 3 YEARS OF CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY being committed by governments, globally.

This film made by Phil Wiseman @OracleFilms documents the horrific, brutal tyrannical dictatorship we lived under, that we fought against; many of us did not acquiesce & we still haven’t.

As hard as it is to watch & as hard as it was to withstand, we fight on.

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