Episode 1 : Truth about cancer series-

Opening with a quote, ” There are two ways to be fooled, one is to believe what is not truth and another is to refuse to believe what is true- Soren Kierkegaard (was a Danish philosopher, theologian, poet, social critic and religious author who is widely considered to be the first existentialist philosopher).

What do you think. Is it correct and if, yes what if a person does not have 45 years of life left?? Physician Who Gave Unneeded Chemo Gets 45 Years in Prison

Physician Who Gave Unneeded Chemo Gets 45 Years in Prison.

Farid Fata, MD, the oncologist who got rich administering excessive or unnecessary chemotherapy to hundreds of patients, including some who did not have cancer, was sentenced to 45 years in prison today by a federal judge in Detroit, Michigan.

The sentence came after the 50-year-old Dr Fata heard the judgement of patients and family members who testified earlier this week to the excruciating physical and psychological harm he caused.

One of them was Laura Stedtefelt, who said the oncologist had overtreated her late father for lung cancer to the point of killing him, according to an account in the Detroit Free Press.

“I hate you,” said Stedtefelt, addressing Dr Fata. “You are a monster. You are evil. You poisoned him. You tortured and murdered my dad.”

Former patient Maggie Dorsey testified that Dr Fata deliberately misdiagnosed her with a type of blood cancer called multiple myeloma and treated her with the chemotherapy agent bortezomib. She tearfully described living with the adverse effects, which include severe osteoporosis and neuropathy.

What do you think. is it correct and if yes what if a person does not have 45 years of life left??

Module 3A: Cancer and its basics- for laymen,believers and followers

cancerback to basics

During my education and endeavours in medicine, I read Betty S quote once that Where there is life, there is cancer. Although the types of cancer and their incidence (the number of new types diagnosed each year) may vary by geography, sex, race, age, and ethnicity, cancer exists in every population and has since ancient times.

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