Diabetes is caused by damaged or non-existing insulin cells’ inability to produce insulin, a hormone that is necessary for regulating blood sugar levels- glucagon-producing cells in the pancreas can change identity and adapt so that they do the job for their neighbouring damaged or missing insulin cells.


Ocimum tenuiflorum (synonym Ocimum sanctum), commonly known as holy basil, tulasi (sometimes spelled thulasi) or tulsi, is an aromatic perennial plant in the family Lamiaceae.


Because of their high energy content, many people have believed the misconception that nuts cause unwanted weight gain, and avoid them altogether!


Harvard Medical Leading the way through Genetics

It is known that type 2 diabetes can be broadly grouped into cases driven either by the inability of pancreatic beta cells to make enough insulin, known as insulin deficiency, or by the inability of liver, muscle tissues to use insulin, known as insulin resistance.



The crucial FDA nutrition label battle you probably don’t know about, but should – The Washington Post

There’s sugar in just about everything today, and the vast majority of it is added during food production. Shouldn’t consumers know how much is in what they buy?

Source: The crucial FDA nutrition label battle you probably don’t know about, but should – The Washington Post

FDA bans trans fats-doughnuts, and baked goods including cakes, pie crusts, biscuits, frozen pizza, cookies, crackers, and stick margarines and other spreads

transfats“A key concern is that many consumers may eat more than one serving of a food with minimal amounts of trans fat and that could add up to a signi cant amount,”

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