Is it necessary to get cervical cancer vaccination done?


This is a very sensitive query that i have been working with for around over 10 years in my professional course. You would have many cervical cancer international publication on testing and vaccination for HPV causing cervical cancer.

American Express Achievers Inc.


Congratulations Puneet Chandna MD(h.c.), PhD, FIET, FNCCN, MAHA!

The Global Go-getter

You’re an avid traveller, crisscrossing the globe to forge new connections and seal new deals. Your overseas degree puts you many notches above others. You’ve conquered new territories while working with global organizations, reaching new milestones in your professional journey.

Module 2B: Immune system. Common Colds to Cancer

Immunity Our immune system is composed of organs, tissues, cells, and chemical messengers that interact to protect the body from external invaders and its own internally altered cells (this alteration could be in its DNA code called as genotype or the function of the cell called as phenotype. The best way to understand this system is through the body’s various levels of defense.

In brief there are 3 levels

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